Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Lady and Her Purse

My mama was always a "Preacher's Wife."
A Preacher's Wife was always a lady.
There were just certain standards that a Preacher's wife had to uphold,
certain codes of behavior and dress.
For example, mama NEVER wore "slacks" until I was in high school.
Well, on second thought, neither did I until 7th grade
and those were the kind with the permanent stitches seam up the middle.
Permanent knit, did they call it?
Stretchy and butt-clinging!
That was PE only!
Oh yeah, back to the standards of a Preacher's wife.
She was always a lady.
Now what constitues a lady???
A purse and matching shoes, a long-line bra, a girdle and hose. 
The girdle required garters before panty hose came along.
Mama said, "Thank God for panty hose."
There were always rules:
Rule #1:  Never open a lady's purse.
Because you may find "feminine hygiene products."
BKA, kotex and tampax.
Answer me,
Why were all sanitary pads called "Kotex," and all tampons called "tampax."
Was it that way everywhere or only in the south.
Mama had these little pink, plastic thingies to conceal her "feminine products."
Rule #2:  Never take money from your mom's purse. That was stealing.
Answer me,
When did they change the rule?
My kids didn't get that one!
Rule #3:  Never Plunder!
If it's not yours, it's not yours to go through.
Answer me,
Does anyone agree that it wasn't really an issue of plundering?
Mama  hid her gum and candy in there and didn't want to share!
Rule #4:  Never wipe your nose on mama's hankie.
This one is my rule.
Who wants someone else's snot!
Rule #5:  Nothing to do with a purse but all to do with being a lady.
Mama said, "Always wear clean underwear, a good bra and girdle.
You never know when you may be in a wreck.
She told me after the accident when my little brother was killed.
"I had just bought a new bra and girdle and they had to cut them
off of me. Goes to show what I've said all along."
I found the black and white purses at the local Salvation Army.
I couldn't resist.
Aren't they just lovely?
The purse and the heels, doesn't she look like a lady?
Always a preacher's wife, always a lady.
That was my mama!

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  1. Bonnie, such a fun post! I don't ever carry a purse...just to complicated for me..but I sure remember digging around in my mom's..she had about 20 of them


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