Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ads on Brick and a Stroll Around Town

I envy all my blogging buddies who are able
to compete with the big wheels.
I mean, I'd love to have a huge antique mart, door-to-door mom and pop shops,
and several big barn flea markets within driving distance.
In my small town Georgia, USA, there are limited choices for these pleasures.
But, often I do take a stroll around town and my mind goes back in time.
I'm not a Dr. Pepper fan, but I am a fan of the old ads on brick.
Some of us grew up in the town "where everybody knows your name."
In the summer, we got up at the crack of dawn to visit the corn fields or the pea patch
to pull and pick and shuck until mama told us we could play.
Then we grabbed our bikes and were off for the day.
We went to town to buy "penny" candy, which really meant a 
bag full of squirrels, mary janes, tootsie rolls, bubble gum, bit o' honey,
fireballs, and sugar daddys.
The 5 and 10 cents store offered roasted peanuts, fresh popped popcorn or ice cream cones.
There was always the fountain at the drug store for your choice of a root beer or coke float or cherry coke.
Mama sent us to town with less than a dollar and we always came home with a tummy full and some change.
We climbed trees, played backyard ball, talked about the birds and the bees, and liked the neighborhood boys because there were no other choices.
We didn't live behind locked doors.  We weren't afraid of anything in our small town.
Tonight I stolled those same streets, I must confess with more caution.
The alleys are now gated where once we roamed unguarded.
Some days I want to pack up and move to Nashville where my children live and where there's a place for pickin' on every corner.
Would I miss the stroll down a lamp lighted street?
Probably so.
This is just the right time of year to enjoy a walk around town on a cool, Autumn evening.
I think I'll stay for awhile.
Fall Blessing,


  1. What I wouldn't give to stroll those streets with you.

    I told Steve last night I wanted to move. He said WHAT? I then repeated myself.

    "A small town!" I said. Less trouble, traffic and woe.

    Hope your sign made it!

    Love, Rebecca

  2. I love the ads on the old brick walls. Oh to remember when we felt so safe as kids. Too bad children don't have such luxuries now, but it's wonderful to remember way back when.


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