Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Promise of Life

The past few weeks, my blog has been less lace and more promise.
Promise of new hope, sunshine after rain and joy after pain.

This week I heard God speak in my inner spirit, "Be not disabled, rather healed."
I'm not sure if that was God's promise to me or my little girl.  Maybe both.

I'll take both.  

I made some pictures of the flowers in her yard.  I should say "their" yard because the man does most of the yard work in their home.

These are some of the irises that came from my mama's yard.  I take this as a sign of God's redeeming love, his promise of NEW LIFE.
Memorial Day is the 3 year anniversary of the miscarriage.  Almost to the day, they will get the results of the pregnancy test.  We are believing God.  

The embryo transfer went well.  She went back to work today.  She has had little or no side effects from the surgery or medication or transfer and the little baby is now a part of her body.  We are waiting with hope and praying for a positive test and a growing and healthy baby. 

My sweet son-in-law (and daughter, but he had the idea:) gave me these for Mother's Day. 

My sweet daughter-in-law (and son, but it was HER idea:) gave me this for Mother's Day.

Can I say I hand-picked my DIL AND SIL? Not really.  God did that!

Christy was given tulips, her favorite flower, from her sweet husband.

Connor and Cora (and Aunt Tina and Uncle Chad) gave these to my sweet girl for Mother's Day.  Christina is ready to be an aunt:)

Yes, fresh new life, a symbol of a NEW little life.  

Thanks for your prayers.  

Thanks for Believing with me, 



  1. Bonnie - I am praying for your sweet girl and hoping to hear good news soon!

  2. Praying and waiting and holding her dream in my heart, my friend. : )

  3. I just pray your daughter can have another child. I know how important that is. May the Lord have extra mercy on her. God bless. ~:)

  4. Praying and hoping!

    BTW is the darling dog a Shih Tzu?

  5. You know, girl, I am keeping you all in prayer. Blessings

  6. Sending prayers sweet Bonnie, Francine..

  7. My heart understands your heart. I have walked in similar steps. You have the right anchor to trust and lean on. May God Bless you and your family with your heart's desire.

  8. Praying to god for you to get a positive result and to fulfill your thoughts! Your gifts looks so good.
    Your yard is so cool to relax!

  9. Beautiful flowers - - - and beautiful to be at this point of the in vitro process. I am also praying that the pregnancy test will be positive and the rest of the 9 month journey will be healthy and happy for both baby and mom.

  10. Yes, God sent you just the right DIL and SIL, and I pray the pregnancy journey will be a joyful one.

  11. Bonnie, I'm so glad to hear that everything went well! Believing with you that God will answer the many prayers that have gone up. It looks like you made out great on Mother's Day...beautiful flowers! Have safe travels home and looking forward to good news!

  12. Lots of pretty flowers in your world. Glad you find them encouraging. Perhaps it IS a sign. Believing with you for a healthy new baby in your family very soon!

  13. Can I tell you what a great person (let alone mom) that you are that you remember the anniversary of that baby's soul into heaven? With my first miscarriage, the pain was so so heavy, and what compounded it was that fact that no one recognized it. Being older and (I hope) wiser, I am not angry at people for this...it is only human nature, but instead, I have used my experiences to gently educate others the importance of remembering the lost babies and their families. Because they were babies with souls, this was a death, and there is grief involved for at least one person. Hugs and prayers!

  14. Praying for that precious baby my friend. CC will be working somewhere in Augusta this summer. We hope.

  15. Hi Bonnie...I love the thought of hope...and prayer!


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