Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Goodies

When I came home from Nashville, 
to my surprise there was a package awaiting me. 

It was filled with so many goodies.  
I, too, am filled to overflowing 
with gratitude.  

(I added the book because the colors were consistent 
with the package, making a pretty basket.)

The package included the lime green mug, 
(which I adore) two hand-made pot holders(which
are so pretty and needed) 
cupcake tins (for baking with my babies), 
and scrapbook stickers (which are girly for my Cora's scrapbook). 
I failed to mention that I love to scrapbook.
I prefer the old fashioned way with glue and paper.

Even the tea was packaged in Springtime. 

I can't wait to fill the mug with a good steaming cup of hot coffee.

Thanks, Sandra for the perfect gift.
Thanks Stephanie at The Enchaning Rose for hosting. 


I downloaded new photos of my babies.

Isn't she growing?

My son is such a good daddy.

My DIL is such a good mommy,
always making sure that this little fellow knows he is loved

He's almost too busy to notice the difference.
He kisses her and he's on his way.

"BonBon, feed the birds."

These are my favorite Springtime Goodies:)


  1. Beautiful! The colors are simply lovely and I really like the handmade washcloths :)

    What fun you will have baking with your sweeties.

    So glad you joined the exchange, sweet Bonnie. Enjoy your new mug!

    Love and hugs!

  2. I love the photos of your 'babies.'

  3. What a wonderful basket! I love the color.
    Cute, cute babies!

  4. Babies are the BEST evan!!!
    Lovely basket filled with love,

  5. Meant EVAHHHHH.
    I need help with the typing department.

  6. Beautiful package, indeed!! Are we suppose to share? or wait (share the mug package/pictues)? your pictures and glad you made it home. Blessings

  7. Such a sweet gift, love that...your DIL looks like a great mommy, sweet child, Blessings Francine.

  8. What a great surprise and those children are so precious. xo Laura

  9. If I had the room ... there would be more coffee & tea cups in this house. If I'm ever rich and famous, I want a house just for such items and someone to clean them. Hey, go big or go home ... right!? *LOL*
    The baby pictures are adorable. Can't wait to hear if there's another new one on the way for Bon Bon & Paw Paw to spoil ... ??!! Still praying for good results. ~:)

  10. Aren't Grands simply THE BEST?!!
    Tell me, how did you come to be called "BonBon"? Very cute.

  11. You have received a wonderful gift!The color of the mug attracts me a lot. Your baby looks s o cute and innocent!

  12. Hi I'm stopping by from Stephanie's tea mug exchange. What a lovely mug and goodies you received!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  13. Your lime green mug is vibrant and fun, love it! You will love those dish cloths, amazing.
    It was nice visiting you here.
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Joy to you, Debbie


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