Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stacks: When is Too Much, Too Much?

I like stacks...

stacks of books,
stacks of magazines,
stacks of baskets,
stacks of dishes.

When my children were small, 
we'd stack blocks.
We'd stack block 
   upon block
       upon block
            upon block

It was a fun game.

My cupboard is much the same.
I squeeze as much in one place as I possibly can.
After all, I like to show off my wares.
Don't we all?

But sometimes more is too much,
and less is more. 

We stack and pray that the pieces don't topple.

I like activity, 
always did.
Shoot!  I even made a career out of it, 
Activity Director.

Before the children left home,
we rarely had an evening alone.

There was a men's softball game two nights a week, 
often followed by a youth game,
church league volleyball 
and recreation basketball,
 baseball practice and games, 
theatre practice and plays, 
youth choir practice and concerts,
vocal competitions and literary
Wednesday night youth meeting.

Those were the every week things
depending on the season, of course. 

Not to mention summer youth activities, 
children's camp, youth camp, Six Flags, Stone Mountain, 
Braves Game, Gross Food Night, Game Night, Fundraisers, and Retreats. 

Throw in teaching on Wednesday nights
and Sunday School, morning worship and
Sunday night service. 

We stack one activity on top of the other
on top of another, on top of another 
and there's no room to squeeze in one more thing
and wonder why we crash.

But, we like to show off our "wares."
We want perfect children who look smart and achieve much
 look good, and behave well.

When is too much, too much?

We fill our lives with so much 
and pray nothing falls apart. 

I wanted my children to have what I didn't have
encouragement, affirmation, goals and dreams.
However, in the process I wonder if I pushed too hard.

One Summer, I had a near breakdown.
I just couldn't do it anymore.
I was in major burn-out.

I quit my job, 
took a year off
to regroup and prioritize.
(Sometimes we can get too busy even in the church)
It was the best thing I ever did.
Martha and Mary were sisters. 
They had planned a dinner for Jesus.
Martha couldn't get Mary to do a thing.
Not to mention that she was sitting at the feet of Jesus.

"GET up and HELP me!"
"Lord, don't you care???"

"Martha, Martha, the Lord answered,
"you are worried and upset about many things, 
but only one thing is needed.
Mary has chosen what is better, and 
it will not be taken away from her."
Luke 10:41-42

I must confess, 
sometimes the clutter in my cupboard
and the magazines on the counter
and the books on the desk
becomes overwhelming.

And so does LIFE.

Is Your Much Too Much?


  1. Beautiful post, I am blessed to have been here to enjoy.
    I have used this term In My postings as to "when is enough to much" it covers it all. Love your collection of ironstone and hard to get rid of any of it, yet to decluttering frees up space in our lives for what is important. Love the scripture and taking it to heart.

    I also freed up space with Pershing and down sizing keeping only what I know to be beautiful or useful!

    Thank you for gracing your beauty over at my place, and taking to time to comment joying my heart for days to come.

    Blessings my friend.

    Beautifully inspiring weekend to you.


  2. What a beautiful picture and words of the things we "stack".
    I so understand the stacking of things when you are in ministry. The stack gets too heavy and times and it all comes crashing down. Had a few of those moments myself.
    As far as the to stack them, as well as linens, books, towels...there is something wonderful about stacks!

    Today I'm stacking "boxes" HaHa.

  3. What a beautiful post..see..I knew we were/are related (wink). I was thinking the same thing..and changed my mind (posting). Blessings

  4. I definitely "get it". When our older kids were little we lived much the same lifestyle as the one you described. We've done it differently with our youngest child. There are something's one gets a little wiser about as we get older. Knowing where to draw the "too much" line is one of those things. We all need some time to simply "Be", don't we? Now dishes are are a whole 'nuther subject. Loved your photos and I think a person can never have too many dishes! *smile

  5. Wow! You're good. I would have never connected the two but it's so true!
    I'm guilty of stacking my cupboards and my life too.

  6. Such a great post, life can get out of hand sometimes and topples! We are going through our home room by room and editing down to what we really want. And doing it in our lives is a great idea, too!

  7. Beautiful post! So true! I have 2 sets of kids. My older set, now 18 and 22 and my younger set 9 and 12. I admit I was way too busy with my older kids. I think seeing how fast they grow up made me slow down some. Love your dishes! I stack stuff too! Or pile stuff in containers. I think it's visually interesting. I'm so glad I found your blog! We are a lot alike.

  8. Where I have not the energy to sort and go thru things, I swear if it caught fire, I would fan the flames. LOL. Some days are just powerful busy days aren't they. We need to stop trying to carry those big stacks by ourselves...we can ask God to help. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Your post reminded me of a Berenstein Bear book that my son always wants to read 'The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Pressure.' The fill and fill their lives with so many activities that they lose sight of what's important.

    Thank you, dear Bonnie, for this post. Blessings and hugs to you!

  10. I think you have well stated the truth here..we all forget that overindulgence in anything can lead to frustration! As I have grown older, I have come to appreciate LESS but that which is MORE edifying, genuine and even useful! As far as my home, a few good pieces are displayed, while I've been getting rid of useless junk. Same for my life.....I don't need doubt, fear or competition in a face-paced world to ruin my faith. Oh the things we learn when we grow up! Thank you so much for coming to visit and leaving a comment! Anita

  11. Lovely post, beautiful dishes, God Bless,Francine.

  12. I remember years ago being so involved in church activities.... my family had to ask me to spend time with them. How sad is that??
    Your post is a good one!!!
    **If satan can't make you bad, he'll make you busy!

  13. Bonnie, you have done a beautiful job sharing with us this scripture that we as women need often. It is a joy to give of ourselves in God's service, but how easy it is to give over and above what the Lord asks of us. Sitting at the feet of Jesus is such a peaceful place.
    By God's grace, He has put me in a place where I am still. A year ago He literally slowed my life down, and it was the best thing for me. I praise His name for such love and care towards me.
    I am now following you!
    Blessings to you!

  14. Oh Bonnie, I loved this post because Yes, sometimes too much can be too much. And when that happens, I go straight to nature and get myself grounded again. You know what? The story of Martha and Mary is one of my favorites. It teaches me to listen and learn, and not be so concerned with everything else. Thanks for the reminder, friend.

    Have a peaceful weekend.


  15. When it's stacks of money, it's never too much! *lol* Hope y'all have a blessed Sunday. ~:)

  16. I stay on the go quite a bit! Sometimes, like last week, I felt as if I was running around in circles! BUT... now School is out and not so many School activities for the Summer! That doesn't mean I won't be traveling watching the ball team, but I will get some time to relax too! I went to Church this morning, came home and laid in the pool for a couple of hours. That felt good! We just need to take a breather now and then, ya know? Our stacks do get kinda tall sometimes:) Sending HUGS and Prayers your way dear friend!

  17. Lovely post today ... made me stop and think for sure. Since retirement we had downsized and released allot of the clutter in our lives. We are enjoying the simpler things and enjoying traveling & family.
    Have a great week ahead.

  18. Always longing to be more Mary than Martha. Great post - nice to meet you here!

  19. Oh, I hear you, girl! I was afraid that my kids would miss out on the one thing that would make a difference, so we were always on the go. I always said when the last one graduated high school, I would sleep a year. Of course, that didn't happen, because then I got myself involved in gobs of things so I wouldn't miss out on the one thing that would make a difference. I'm trying to be wiser now, but old habits are hard to break, and I like to experience EVERYTHING. Rest, girls. Rest.

  20. Such a great post. So true, and I'm completely guilty of stacking my plates too high. This is something everyone can relate to. Thanks for sharing.

  21. To me, a stack or a grouping of things (vignette) becomes a new 'thing' and so, really, groups/stacks are the way to go to keep an uncluttered look. Because the reality of our lives it that we have LOTS of items to deal with and to store. I do think that keeping unity and order in the stacks is however important. Just like you have done it by having all off-white plates. Beautiful. I found your blog via OneMoreTimeEvents btw. Come play over at our blog and join the linky party. We'd love to see pretty pics like yours! ~ Rose

  22. Oh Bonnie...I truly understand what you are saying here. When our kids were from primary through teen years our schedule was filled to the brim with church activities. And yes, there can be such a thing as too much, even in church activities. Now that I am older and am watching our kids raise their own I see one family "doing" way past their own limitations physically and I am constantly asking the Lord to help them see what is happening before they are headed for a breakdown. I think sometimes the best thing we can give our kids is quiet...teaching them how to sit and observe, to enjoy nature.

    Thanks so much for sharing your heart here, Bonnie. xo


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