Monday, May 19, 2014

I Can't Grow Grass

Okay, I'm jealous!
Yes, I am!

All of you are showing pretty flowers
and lush gardens and I can't grow grass,
much less a garden.

I'm dreaming of my mama's yard
that I've shown you many times. 

When I wanted to escape from the pressures of a day, 
this is where I would go. 

A rusted old frame once held a swing.
Sitting here gave me a sense of tranquility.
Butterflies in magnificent color frequented the bush, 
as well as the bumble bees. 

Mama always had flowers.
I've dug in the dirt and planted flowers in Spring
and pulled weeds in Summer
more times than I can count. 

I hated it then. 
But I sure loved the results. 

Enjoy your gardens 
and I'll enjoy your photos:)

Happy Monday!  



  1. Hello, beautiful green grass, sorry you do not have a green thumb, Francine.

  2. Bonnie, I think the cold hurt some of our trees that were just leafing I said to my husband just today, can't we have a green lawn, trees and flowers all at the same time?? Seems something is always awry. That lawn looks good. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. That's a beautiful lawn! No need to be jealous of us...our new lawn needs LOTS of work before it will be beautiful. There's many bare spots and flowers to plant have not been purchased yet. There are many very lush lawns in this neighborhood. I know my hubby will get ours there one day =)

    Bless you today...dream as though you were on that swing =)

  4. It's good to have a beloved garden in memory - it's always full of gorgeous colour!

  5. It's because you live down south, lol. (love you dear friend.)--ya gotta move north (wink). Very pretty pictures you posted. The only reason why we have green grass and flowers is because of the millions of inches of snow we had this past winter. (ok, so I lied, not millions, but is sure was a lot.) blessings

  6. I started out blogging with garden bloggers and can't get passed it. Hope when you visit just know the photo's are for you.
    It has been a happy Monday

  7. You may not have inherited the green thumb, but a good weeder is always welcome. xo Laura

  8. We have a large back yard, and I do have some flowers, but when we move I will have a small deck off the living room. So potted plants will have to fill the bill.

  9. We have a very nice yard with pretty flowers. However, I have a brown thumb! Bob is talented in that department and I get to enjoy the results.

  10. Nothing growing here yet- save a few daffodils. It is too cold to plant anything yet. Your Mom had a beautiful yard! xo Diana

  11. You make me laugh! I feel the same way a little bit! We have such dry conditions as it is hard to keep things green! I could send you a picture of a tumbleweed!
    Thanks for being so funny and honest and a commenter....

  12. It is a nice place to get relaxed!

  13. I have flowers, roses are easy to grow:) Our grass was looking pretty bad and we just had sod laid! It BETTER look good this Summer:) We have such hot weather and the fescue would ALWAYS burn up with the heat! I am looking forward to greener days ahead:) Sending hugs your way!

  14. It's OK Bonnie...I can't grow grass either and most of the flowers I out out in pots on my deck are looking pretty rough! We are in the woods with red, hard clay for dirt...grass doesn't grow well here. My hubby is quite in favor of it though...if you get my drift :) I'm not a green thumber but sometimes I do OK...maybe :)

  15. What a beautiful memory to have in the corner of you mind, it's just gorgeous!

  16. Bonnie,
    Your Mama's lawn sure was green and groomed and beautiful. Wouldn't it be nice to have a lawn as kept up as that.....maybe someday.


  17. What a sweet memory you have of your Mama's home and garden. Sometimes the drudgery of our chores back then, bring back good times now.

  18. Hey, don't feel bad. I tried to kill off all our plants recently with the wrong fertilizer! *lol* Maybe y'alls yard just needs amending: fertilizer, top soil, etc. That's what we've had to do because of all the pine tree acid in the soil. Anyway, look at this this way, if you don't do yardwork, you're saving more money than we are. Gardening & growing flowers can get expensive. *lol* God bless. ~:)


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