Thursday, May 22, 2014

Brown Clover English Ironstone Adams by Wedgewood

I've been searching for brown transferware. 

I was so excited when I came across a box full,
Did you hear me scream?
(5 dinner plates, 5 cup and saucers, 3 soup bowls, 2 bread and butters plates)

It is stamped, "ADAMS, Member of the Wedgewood Group."
Real English Ironstone
I've never seen this pattern before.
It's called Brown Clover. 

Although not a complete set, 
each piece was in perfect condition. 

I added the large restaurant ironstone plates
to serve as chargers. 

I can't hold beans with the big-time bloggers, 
but I sure do like to steal their ideas.  (Hee! Hee!)

I dropped the Tea Pot and broke the lid. 
I started to put it in my booth, 
but decided to use it as a vase.

Blogging early because I need my friends to pray.
Say a prayer for my daughter.  
She's feeling a little anxious today.
Pray for peace as she waits.



  1. It's gorgeous. What a steal. saying a prayer for your sweet daughter. xo Laura

  2. Prayer said. I hope it's all good news. :)))

  3. You did great! I love the whole table and using that pot as a vase is perfect.
    Praying for Christy. I can imagine this waiting is very hard - and hard for you too!

  4. I have never seen that pattern before either. It is really cute and what a buy!

    Saying a prayer for your daughter that all goes well for them. xo Diana

  5. I am praying. What a unique pattern and so very pretty.
    We got moved yesterday. Tired but thankful.

  6. What a sweet bunch of brown & white! (I once had an inexpensive set of brown and white....makes me wonder what I did with them?)

    I don't "hold beans" with the big bloggers either. :)

    Found you via Mari & share your love for vintage and Jesus. He is ALL the world to me.

  7. Wow!!! so pretty, love the table setting with the dishes, I want to come sit. Keeping your daughter in my prayers, Blessings Francine.

  8. What a find!!! Beautiful..praying..please keep us updated when you can. Blessings

  9. Love brown transferware ironstone! This is such a pretty set...great price (I would have been jumping up and down also). Sweet table, you did a great job. Prayers for your daughter!

  10. That is beautiful china. Brown and white transferware is very hard to find. Saying a prayer for your daughter.

  11. So, I have never seen a pattern mlike that. It ius lovely. I love how you used the it as a vase!

    Certainly praying for your daughter...


  12. What a find, Bonnie! Absolutely beautiful...and I love the way you have presented everything at the table...especially the flowers in the tea pot. See...I would have cried because I broke the lid and never thought to use the pot itself as a vase! You clever lady, you! :) Have you met Faye at the Blessed Hearth? She had pictures recently of some brown transfer, but it was a different pattern. Both yours and hers are beautiful!

    I will pray for your daughter.

  13. It looks very beautiful! I love the design and the color of it. It looks very bright in white color!

  14. Brew a cup of coffee...I'll be right over =) Girl, you know how to set an inviting table!!
    Prayers for your girl and you, too!

  15. This is lovely. Hope that you use it for many happy meals. Prayers for your daughter.

  16. What an amazing find and your tablescape lovely. I have copied some of your finds myself!


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