Monday, May 5, 2014


Since I'll be making the trip to Nasvhille 
this week (YIPPEE)
I don't really have time to do a biggie post
with photos you haven't seen before.

I thought I'd just search through my old photos 
and see what I could come up with 
on the fly.

You girls who have mantles are so lucky. 
I've always wanted a fireplace 
and a mantle to decorate. 

Thus, I improvise. 


The cabinet that holds my ironstone is my pretend mantle.
I decorate it for all seasons and some in between.

I love to use old windows and shutters as back drops.


Once in a blue moon, I get tired of white 
and change things up a bit. 

It never fells, enough is not enough.
So I add something.


Nothing stays the same. 

I add this, take away that. 
Move this here, move that there. 

It would drive a crazy person insane.

 I don't know why I ever got rid of that arch!
Whatever was wrong with me!

Not quite finished, I add the textures and some height.

Another backdrop that I sold. 

Why did I ever let these pieces go?

As much as I love doing this, 
the clutter drives me crazy and on a whim I have 
a yard sale and sell it all!

Where is that small galvanized bucket???

This is one of my favorites. 

This was a fun one.

Christmas is always my favorite one.
It is never the same. 

Life is constantly changing. 
If we know this, why do we go kicking and screaming?

Lord, teach me to accept the changes.
Just as there is beauty in the change-ups, 
may I find the beauty in my seasons of change.



  1. Bonnie!
    I so enjoyed this!
    I love them all...but think my fave is your fave!
    I really do like your decorative spot. : )
    Mantels are overrated.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. I can't decide which I like best as they're all very lovely. And I know how you feel about getting rid of something and having happens to me more times than not.

  3. Bonnie, I need for you to come here. I desperately need help in decorating (smiles & giggles). Have a safe trip. Blessings

  4. Who needs a mantle? What you have is perfect in every season. Have a wonderful trip, my friend. xo Laura

  5. Very pretty. I hope y'all have a safe trip and the get together is full of happy memories. ~:)

  6. Have a safe fun trip to Nashville Bonnie!

  7. I wish I had a mantle too. I love your makeshift one though!
    Have a good trip!

  8. Gosh! For not having a mantel, you are an improvising wizard!! All so magazine worthy!! :)

  9. Oh my goodness, so many pretty things. I do the same thing, get rid of something and wish I didn't;). Enjoy your trip, I know you will!!! Safe travels.

  10. Hi Talented Lady.... You are just so creative --no matter which season!!!!!

    Have a great time in Nashville... Pray for me on Thursday for my surgery. Thanks.

  11. So many "pretties" and love the eye you have for arranging. Beautiful photos!...Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip to Nashville and back. Enjoy!!

  12. What wonderful mock mantles. Have a wonderful trip.

  13. I love your "Mantle" decorations. Each one is so lovely. I don't have a fireplace either, so I do the same on my roll top desk...Thanks for some new and fresh ideas.

  14. Love them all, I do believe my favorite is your favorite! Hope you are enjoying your trip!


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