Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dreaming of a Shop

Cornerstone was my dream.

One of my best friends owned the building, 
decided to set up shop, and 
asked me to manage it.

It felt like mine.

The shop was open 
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I loved the brick walls.
I loved the staircase.
The building was full of character.

I loved going to auctions.
I loved digging in the box deals.
I loved making the old look new
and the new, old.
I loved creating sweet vignettes.
I loved making each spot feel like home. 

I didn't enjoy
the dusting, 
the cleaning, 
the vacuuming, 
the summer heat, 
the winter cold, 
and all that comes with maintaining an old building.

I LOVED the customers.

At first they were many.
In less than a year, 
we were struggling.

The little town was folding up
and decisions had to be made.

We closed shop, 
then another closed, 
and then another.

My dream and vision folded with it.  

My kids say, 
"Bring it all to Nashville, Flea Market every 4th Saturday
rent a small booth and you'll be in business."  

Maybe the dream is not too far off.

What does your dream look like?



  1. Everyone has a dream or many dream. I say that you should follow your heart, sweet friend. It is never too late for your dreams to come true. xo Laura

  2. We did flea markets years ago when we were young. Meet lots of nice people and had loads of fun. The hunt for things to sell was fun to with lots of trips out of town. We sold depression glass. We had full time jobs and did this on week-ends.

  3. Maybe your kids could help you get to the market to sell. We tried our farmer's market here in town.. One year made money, the next year didn't sell much of anything. This year, hubby got a small job to piddle with. Said to many Saturdays sitting and no customers. They admire your work, but rarely will pay for your materials let a lone your work in it. That's the hard part. But it's location most times. Blessings and I truly wish you great luck. xoxox, Susie

  4. I hope your dream comes true again in Nashville!

  5. That was perfect for you. I bet Nashville would work!

  6. I say your kids are dream?'M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! (giggles) I so would like to own a shop like that. We often talk about doing something like that..maybe like that tv show Salvage Dogs. Blessings

  7. How about I come to Nashville too and I can help you run it! Seriously, that sounds like so much fun! I can possibly see me and my hubby in Nashville in our old age...not quite yet though. Adam has 30 acres and will have plenty of room for when we need someone to look after us! I am never going to get old though...don't even want to go there until I have to! movin to Nashville?

  8. Oh Bonnie, you are so the one to have a shop like that. I hope that dream does become a reality.

    My dream get this moving thing behind me. To get the call that we are approved for the complex so we don't have to go to Plan B.

    But this morning the Lord reminded me he already knows my address. Before the foundations of the world he wrote it in his I'll just wait for Him to tell me. We know this journey is never alone...He's our dwelling place.

  9. Go for it! I bet Nashville is the place. You certainly have an eye for neat stuff.

    My dream came true with this new house and the fab kitchen....and not working and being with my Grands =)Waited and waited for it so it's all So sweet now!
    Blessings, Bonnie!

  10. [holding a crystal ball] I see a big move in your future ...
    Tennessee is a nice State if y'all are contemplating that. They don't have State Income tax. [wink, nudge] And I think their bug count is lower than ours.

    I'm sorry to hear that Sandersville is dieing. Ours went belly up a couple of years ago. Every small town in America is dieing thanks to O'blamer and the fascist government. Only a little over a year-and-a-half to go ... ~:)

  11. I wasn't so far off in my commenting about you becoming an interior decorator! :)

    My dream is to be an inspiration to others...encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest.

  12. Oh, that's a shame about the shop.It's hard to find something hat really inspires you. But the new venture sounds like just the perfect solution. Hope you go for it!


  13. Ah---sounded like a great little business... It's always sad to see the small businesses have to close. The BIG GUYS are taking over! Dang it....

    My dream is to stay healthy enough to continue traveling and hiking as long as possible!!!!!

    P.S. I will have a post tomorrow.

  14. So sad for our tiny town square. I would love to still be a part of those businesses. I loved the Thursdays I spent talking to you at Cornerstone.

  15. Bonnie, I was involved years ago with a group of ladies that rented a building and had an antique shop together. We swapped out working at the shop but we didn't have enough traffic to warrant all the time and expense. Of the seven involved only two continue to take their items to a large show in Atlanta once a month or twice a year for one of them. They do better than they did at the shop.

    It is the easiest way to go. Don't be discouraged. You will love just doing shows and can pick and choose the ones you do. You will find your niche.


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