Friday, May 16, 2014

A Creative God

There is within us all 
 a desire to create.

Although not God, 
we were made in His image
and He is a creative God.

So when I begin to put 
things in order, 
either in my home 
or in my relationship with Him, 
I am prone to become creative.

After spending time listening to God speak to me through His word, 
I knew that somethings needed to be moved around, 
somethings needed to be put in front
and others moved behind.

Alone, these pieces may be pretty to me,

and I may find pleasure in their simplicity,

and beauty in their uniqueness,

it is only when put all together 
does it feel complete.

Right now, 
I feel somewhat disconnected,

a single egg, in a single basket,
a life that may spring forth
though isolated and alone.

I long to be outside of the cage 
that I may have built around myself 
or that others have locked me in.

I long to be connected 
and creative and used for His purpose. 

I will pray this prayer today...

God, if I have any hope of leaving behind hurtful things
in my past it will be because you deliver me.  
Thank you that you are a God who delivers us 
out of slavery and leads us to freedom. 
Give me the strength to walk this journey
toward the Promised Land that you have for me.
When I get weary, uphold me,
when I lose focus, give me clarity, 
when I want to give up, give me hope.
In Jesus' name.

I am thankful for a creative God, 
WHO makes something out of nothing.
That gives me HOPE.

What are you creating today?
Better yet, how do you see God being creative in your life?



  1. Thank you for that seems to be helpful. I love our God and the great things in this world he has given us. I need to be more thankful . Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  2. That is a very thoughtful prayer. I think we're all living in a type of bondage (self-made or external force). We should all look to Him for real liberty through His Word.
    Have a blessed day! ~:)

  3. Today I have been creating some healthy snacks to keep tucked away in the fridge...lots of fresh veggies, cleaned, cut up and ready to be eaten! I've also created a blog post today, prepared pictures for a post for next week, and downloading more pictures for a future post. It has been a very productive, and creative morning!

    The way I see God being creative in my life specifically over the last few weeks is through relationships...helping me to be a better listener (and less of a talker), and also giving me a driving desire to write. I've been away from blogging for a while and have just recently started again. I am forever being given these ideas now...and I am loving it!

    I enjoyed visiting with you again today.

  4. Dear Bonnie, I can say this that little baby egg will bring forth life! It is just a day of feeling a bit isolated; you will come out and sing soon! I am cleaning today and praying and trying to re-arrange some of my knick-knack stuff that at times feels way to cluttered.
    I send a HUG and a great big brownie smile... Do you remember that song? I got something in my pocket??
    Love, Roxy

  5. God is creative in each and every life. We just have to strive to recognize what he has created for us. Thank you, Bonnie.

  6. Amazing how something standing alone is pretty, but put together with other things, become stunning.

    When you talked about bondage, and being in a cage...I so remember how helpful Beth Moore's study on "Breaking Free" help me and many other women in my church.

    The palm of HIS safe place.

  7. BTW wanted to answer your question on my last blog. I'm not replying to comments until I know something is final.

    But in relationship to my painting. I've been painting watercolors for years. But being a mother of four, pastor's wife, worked full time in property management, the painting always was on a back burner. I love painting children, and most of my paintings of children are from Missionary magazines.
    I paint for my pleasure and have sold a few from time to time, but not a business. I do have about 95 different notecards, and for a while was selling sets of them. But retirement life turned me in a few other directions so haven't pursued that. The note cards are prints, but nice.
    The painting I have sold prints for $20.
    Hope that answers you question and so glad you like my little messy hair girl.

  8. Beautiful, Bonnie. I thank Him for a creative life filled with natures beauty.Lovely prayer.

  9. What a wonderful post, Bonnie! Thanks so much for your visit and sweet comments on my feature today, it meant alot! I am thankful that the Lord is working in our lives now, and he gives us the ability to create. Things may be kind of crazy right now, but there is a plan in all of it, even if I can't always see it. Looking forward to visiting your blog often, I'll be your newest follower:)


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