Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stone Gray Wall and a Red Chicken Wire Photo Board

The walls in every room of my house
have been painted at least three times 
in the past 30 years.

And here I go again.

Valspar Flat Stone Mason Gray
from Lowe's

Don't you just hate the mess!

There are gray footprints, hand prints, fingerprints, 
and even elbow prints on my "oops" rag.
(And even some on the ceiling! Don't look closely.)

Shoot! I sure hope there's not a crime scene investigation.

Remember the red and gray I am looking to achieve?

This is my first project-a photo board made
with chicken wire.

Lord, Help Me!
(I don't say that in vain.  I mean it!)



  1. Very pretty. I like it. I like gray inside of a house, not the outside.

    Our house is painted "battleship gray" on the outside, I hate it..did I mention hate it? lol-Blessings

  2. Bonnie, I'm with you...I hate the mess and was kind of sad when wallpaper went out of style. I would rather wallpaper ANY DAY than paint. I have noticed that wallpaper is making a comeback...YAY!! I do like the gray and the cool chicken wire picture holder is awesome!

  3. The mess is never good, but I love the color and your photo board. xo Laura

  4. I love the grey paint! and of course Red is always a great accent color. So glad you stopped by my blog and I agree it's always wonderful to meet another GA blogger!


  5. Hi Bonnie! I love the new color! I love wallpaper too and some rooms still just look good with it! Yep, you have to make a mess to make pretty! I'm so sorry about your church situation. Sometimes the place where we should feel the most love and don't, is a church. I'll be praying for you that God will lead you to what you should do. Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. That's always a happy feeling when one's preferred look starts to take shape. Ugh, hate the mess and the overpowering paint smell too. I'm surprised the Valspar covered like it should. We've quit using it because it was such sorry paint. Now I always seek out Baer or Dutch Boy. Have fun! ~:)

  7. Me too! I'm getting ready to paint our spare room. I'm planning to paint it gray and after you shared a gray, white and red theme, I'm going to see if I can pull in some red accents. I'm not looking forward to the mess ahead of me though.
    Your chicken wire picture holder looks great!

  8. I think your memo board turned out great! I've been wanting to make one of those! We've been doing alot of painting here too, and you are so right about the mess! I always get a kick out of the shows on HGTV where they are supposedly painting and never get a speck of paint on their nice clothes! Thanks for your sweet comments on my chalkboard!!

  9. Oh Bonnie, I always think that painting always sounds like such great fun, till I get started and I am (What was I thinking)
    It will look wonderful and well worth all the work!
    I loved the board with the chicken fencing in it! I love red, but I do not have much in the gray area!
    Have faith and pray for someone willing to help who paints better than I do LOL

  10. Lovin' your new grey walls and hope you'll "share an after when it's all completed....your wire picture holder is awesome, and l love the red you've painted it.

  11. Like your touch of red with the grey! Painting is such a mess, but every time I've ever got a estimate for a room, I always end up doing it myself!


  12. I love the color of the walls AND that red photo board, precious! Can't wait to watch as you get the color added in this room! Enjoy your day and don't work too hard:) HUGS!

  13. Oh Bonnie! I love it! I dislike greatly the painting part, too, because I end up with more on me and everything but the walls I'm trying to paint. However, when I desire a different color, I must resort to the mess!

    I REALLY REALLY like the photo board you did! How clever to use the chicken wire for the backing! You are a clever lady!


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