Friday, August 31, 2012

Who I Am: Part II

I am proud to introduce my SECOND BORN.
My SON, yes, my BABY.
Ask his sister:)
David Chad Hitchcock
Named after his daddy, he's his Daddy's boy!
Papa and Grandma's "Little Man", he's all grown up now.
After 8 girls, he was the first GRANDboy born in the Hitchcock family
and the only one to carry on the name.
To say he was "spoiled rotten" is an understatement.
Determined, hard-working, strong-willed, dedicated, and dependable, that's MY Chad!
He started playing baseball at 2 on a softball field with his daddy.
Everyday he and his sister, made a permanent diamond in the backyard.
Everyday he threw with his daddy.
His coach said, "He doesn't have what it takes."
"He'll never play college baseball."
He said, "I'll show you."
He went on to play 4 years of college baseball and a summer with the FCA Grays
with the eyes of a scout from the Mets looking on.
And then he fell in love.
He is the happiest when he's with the love of his life.
With a compassionate heart, he helps to heal others.
A Physician's Assistant
But he'd give it all up for this little man.
He's a Great Daddy to our Connor man!
He is following in the footsteps of a great man,
his daddy.
He is the spiritual leader of his home.
A loyal friend to many.
And best friend to these two.
He has a smile that will brighten up a room.
He is courteous.  He's a hand shaker.
We tease him that he would make a great politician
because he loves to hold babies, hug old ladies, and gives a great firm handshake.
Problem is, he's just too honest for the job.
He learned a long time ago, to just suck it up
because I was gonna tell the world,
"That's my baby!"
Truth is they both will always be my babies!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Who Am I: Part 1

Who am I?
I am a child of the King.
As my daddy would sing,
My Father is rich
In houses and land,
He holdeth the wealth
Of the world in His hand.
Of  rubies and diamonds
And silver and gold
His coffers are full
He has riches untold
And he'd add
"And I'm His Child."
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
That is who I am!

I often say,
"When I think I've messed up at all the rest,
I look at my children and see what I've done best."
So I thought I'd introduce to you, my children.
My First Born
Christy Lynn Grant.
To her mommy, she is BEEEaUUUUtiful!
This smile brightens my gloomy days!
She smiles with her eyes.
Christy-a thinker, analytical, organized, detailed oriented, working it all out in her mind, melancholy, considerate of others, a perfectionist, a caretaker, thinking of others before herself, a typical first born.
Lover of the Arts. 
She was named Best Actress at the State One-Act her Sr. Year in High School.
Lover of Music.
Growing up, she awoke singing every morning and went to bed singing EVERY NIGHT.
At 2, she knew every song in her Mickey Mouse songbook.
She loves all music and sings from her heart.
Her sound is soulful, country, gospel, opera, R & B, or bluegrass.
In her mommy eyes, she can do it all!
She was a music major, traveled with several groups, won several aria competitions and still awes me with her vocals.
She loves to travel and is most happy when she's near the ocean.
She is madly in love with and married to her college best friend, turned sweetheart.
She is the happiest when he is by her side.
She is a mommy to Charlie.
Isn't our grand dog just precious!
She loves to laugh.
She loves her brother.
She is a good big sister.
She is a great friend to her sister in laws, her brother's wife,
and to her husband's sister.
She is a great aunt to our precious Connor.
A great hostess and friend to many.
And that ain't a drop in the bucket to all that she is!
I'm one proud mama!
Tomorrow, will be PART II, My SON!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Liked My Skinny Jeans

Don't you just hate the words,
"Step up on the scales, please."
"Let me get your weight, please."

No matter how nicely it's said,"PLEASE."
You want to say, "No, not this time, PLEASE."
I knew it had happened, but how did it happen so fast.
Last year, I found out I was diabetic.
No surprise!
Upset, nevertheless!
I cried for days, because I knew that my parents had died a slow
death because of this dreaded disease.
I am determined that diabetes will not define who I am.
It doesn't take much to get off track.
Lost 30 pounds last year.
Me in skinny jeans last October just 7 months after diagnosis.
Stepped on the scales.
Again, uggggh!
I go ahead and say to my doc,
"I've gained a little weight."
He goes,
"You've gained a LOT OF WEIGHT."
"Gee Thanks!"
The truth hurts.
7 months later and 8 pounds heavier.
Look at those rolls around the middle.
On this short body, it looks more like 20!
So I'm walking again, but not consistent enough.
I'm eating less, but still too much.
It will take a few days to get my mind in gear!
The saying, "Fat people are happy people"
I am miserrrrrable!
I liked my skinny jeans.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Trying to Create with Not a Creative Bone in My Body!

Yes, I'm out of my comfort zone!
I don't have a creative bone in my body.
All my ideas come from someone else and somehow I mess those up.
Okay,  I like the buttons, but what on earth was I thinking-
Please, no covering up that blue now.
Maybe I could paint a little in between.
I must have Blue on the mind!
I had already painted all these letters when I realized tht I
had a word.
So I tried to distress it and it is a bit distressing!
My niece always tells me the truth,
"So, honestly, Sarah, what do you think." (As if she would be anything but honest!)
"Well, I like it, but it's a little too blue."
You think?
"Suggestions, please mam?"
She goes, "Well you could paint it a little brown and make it look old."
I thought that was the idea to begin with.
I was most proud of my wreath.
"What do you think, Sarah?"
"Ummmmm, it's okay if you like it.  It's just too much like winter."
"Winter???? You mean, Fall????"
That was the idea!
Another coat or two of paint, some distressing
and the table should be ready to go!
I also painted the top of the green table, white.
I think I'm gonna leave the legs green.
Sell it cheap and it can be someone else's DIY project.
What am I doing???

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mama's Butterfly Bush and Letting Go

Yesterday, I took one last look around the home place.
The blooms on Mama's butterfly bush are beginning to fall,
still some remain.
I watched to see if the butterflies that were swirling around would land.
I so wanted to capture the moment.
There she was!
And ever so swiftly, she was gone again.
So, I dried my tears and said goodbye.
Goodbye, Mama and Daddy.
I'll let you go.
I won't return to the homeplace again.
You are free.
Somehow, I feel a little lighter today too.
I am okay.
You have taught me well.
I am letting go.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pickin' with a Purpose

The Kaolin Festival is THE annual Fall event in Washington County, GA.
Kaolin puts us on the map! 
I'm not kiddin'-google it!
I am amazed at the people who have never heard of kaolin.
Shoot!  My kids had to learn the formula (Al2Si205 (OH)4)
and were in the Kaolin Quiz Bowl every year.
Ask them!  They can still recite it.
Whatever happened to Quiz Bowl anyway, my Washington County friends???
I'll tell you all about the festivites as it is closer in approaching.
This year White Lace and Promises is going to have a booth!
Therefore, I have a real excuse to go pickin'.
Today I called it "Pickin' with a Purpose."
I found this great chair, a great magazine rack, and
a pair of candlesticks that will be painted WHITE, of course.
I'm going with my passion-WHITE!
My sister will bring on the color.
My daughter will bring on the crafting.
This, of course, needs no introduction, no paint, no repair.
It is a perfectly Shabby Chic frame, Rachel Ashwell!
These concrete wall hangings were gold and of course,
 I painted them WHITE!
Ugh.  The shadows are awful.  I'm such a poor photographer.
The wrought iron plant stand is FABULOUS!
It too will be WHITE!
I know, I know! 
I just can't help myself.
My other vendors hate my WHITE!
I guess I'll have to get a little crafty with the wreath.
I think I can handle a glue gun.
Though, probably not without injury.
I'm such a goof ball!
Now THIS, I don't know if I can part with!
It is a real-old-honest-to-goodness egg basket.
I think it's mine!
Here it is again.
The plate I will decorate (PAINT with PUMPKINS)
and sell as a dry-erase board.
Yey, me!
Yes, I found two incredible, almost perfect old windows!
Everybody loves windows.
I'll sell one and keep one!
A crate, an iron candleholder that I will decorate for fall:),
and some porcelain knobs that I'll do something with.
Isn't this just great!
A few other odds and ends thrown in here and there
and it almost looks like a booth already, huh?
Oh, yeah, that table hasn't changed colors by itself!
I have got to get busy!
Happy Early Fall, Ya'll,
That's how we say it in the South;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Autumn Blessings

Okay, so I know this is merely a little shuffle of an already posted vignette.
But I couldn't help myself.
This is what I've been waiting for-PUMPKINS!
My niece made these for me.
I just couldn't wait til Fall!
The temp this am was 65!
Fall is already in the air.
I set my alarm for 6:30am.
and I walked:)
It will be awhile before the leaves turn,
so I'm faking it here!
Walking included counting my blessings.
Kids, I know I got the names mixed up.  Forgive your mommy, okay?
Afraid to fix it.  This is the best one I've done yet and I don't want to mess it up.
My family, apart from Jesus, IS my greatest blessing-
No matter the season!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Window/Mirror and a Fall Vignette

The date will say Tuesday.

Actually, it's Wednesday, 1:13am.

Muscle spams are not fun-
especially at one in the morning.

Tylenol and Advil haven't worked for almost 3 days.
Will see the doctor tomorrow AM!

I found this amazing mirror/window at
The Rusty Gate,
a favorite local shop.

I knew exactly where it would go.


Our shop is closing until the weekend after Labor Day.

I brought these two urns home and spray painted them.
They were white:)

I trimmed the nest and added some fall scented potpourri.
I thought it would look great on the ironstone compote.

The urns don't have the same foilage.
I'm waiting for pumpkins made by my niece.

Added some texture with the doilies.
Of course, you'll see ironstone pitchers in almost every vignette.
I simply LOVE them!

Oops!  Meant to get a close up of the mirror. 
Didn't mean to get the frig!

The temp tonight after the rain was 69!  First time below 70. 
Fall is on the way!!!